"Nie robię sztuki, pomagam czytać". Poglądy Leona Urbańskiego na temat kształtowania szaty typograficznej książki

  1. Ewa Repucho


I don’t create art, I help people to read. Leon Urbański’s views on the development of typographic layout of books

The paper presents the views of Leon Urbański (1926-1998), a distinguished Polish typographer, on the development of book typographic layout, as well as the artist’s inspirations – his fascination with the word, book history, classic typography and oriental art. The author examines Urbański’s attitude towards the typographic profession and the main principles of creating graphic layouts of books, e.g. the duty to thoroughly learn, understand and accept the content of the designed book and then to look for the most appropriate form for the presented content. So far there has been no attempt to carry out a comprehensive academic analysis of Urbański’s work. Collecting the artist’s scattered oeuvre and thus saving it from obscurity is now becoming a necessary and increasingly urgent task.

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This article

Roczniki Biblioteczne

53, 2009

Pages from 237 to 247

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