Sekularyzacja pruska bibliotek fundacji kościelnych w Nysie

  1. Krzysztof Pawlik


Prussian secularisation of church foundation libraries in Nysa

After King of Prussia, Frederick William III, issued his edict of secularisation on 30 October 1810 (proclaimed in Silesia in November 1810), authorised commissioners, landrat of Nysa, von Prittwitz, and director of police, Stegmann, seized the property of the Nysa monasteries and the collegiate chapter on 24–28 November 1810. It was not until February 1812 that Dr Johann Gustav Büsching came to Nysa as a commissioner for libraries, archives, works of art and music (Königlicher Preußischer Commisarius zur Übernahme der Bibliotheken, Archive und Kunstsachen in den aufgehobenen Klöstern Schlesiens) of the Central Secularisation Commission to make a decision concerning the fate of cultural goods of church foundations from Nysa. During his two-week stay in Nysa, he used a room at St. Anne’s Church (serving at the time as a military equipment warehouse) to gather there library collections of the following Nysa foundations secularised at the time: the collegiate chapter, Order of the Holy Sepulchre (Kreuzherren), Franciscans, Capuchins, Dominicans and Magdalene Sisters. In total, the collections comprised about 12000 volumes. Büsching selected and sent to the Central Silesian Library in Wrocław (Schlesische Centralbibliothek zu Breslau — incorporated into the University Library in 1815) about 1200 books — mainly theological manuscripts and incunabula as well as classical and historical works printed in 16th-18th century. In 1812, under an agreement with the Central Secularisation Commission, a professor and librarian of the State Catholic Secondary School in Nysa, Ignaz Vogel, made an inventory of the books collected at the St Anne’s Church, just slightly over 10000 volumes at the time. From this collection, Vogel sent two boxes of books (about 200 volumes) to Wrocław in 1814, while in 1815 the Retired Priests Home in Nysa received at least 700 books. In 1815 the remaining books from the church foundations were transferred to the gallery of the Church of the Assumption. Finally, in 1818 these library collections (numbering about 7700 volumes at the time) were given to the Nysa Secondary School. Some were later given to other schools in Silesia or recycled.

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