Rola książki popularnonaukowej dla dzieci i młodzieży w Polsce w latach 1945–1956. Fakty, opinie, komentarze

  1. Bogumiła Staniów


The role of popular science books for children and young people in Poland between 1945 and 1956. Facts, opinions, commentaries

After WWII, popular science literature was perceived in Poland as a tool of learning, self-education and expansion of horizons. However, popular science books for children and school pupils were rarely analysed by literature scholars and teachers. Bibliologists tried to define the optimum form of books popularising science and to develop the best method for promoting and using this literature in libraries. Following the Soviet model, after 1949 these books were used as a tool of ideological indoctrination of young people, especially through schools. In the teaching of various subjects, popular science books were recommended as sources of knowledge of the political system, official ideology and political leaders. The works played an important role in extra-curricular activities and development of individual interests. Readership surveys rarely took into account the interestof young readers in this type of books.

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Roczniki Biblioteczne

54, 2010

Pages from 97 to 122

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