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Wydawnicze losy twórczości Adama Mickiewicza w Królestwie Polskim

  1. Małgorzata Rowicka


Publishing fate of Adam Mickiewicz’s works in the Kingdom of Poland (1822–1914)

Due to preventive censorship binding in the Kingdom of Poland throughout its existence, the conditions for publishing the works of Adam Mickiewicz, considered the symbol of Polish literature, were exceptionally difficult. The article characterises publishing output in the period between the two risings (1832–1863), when an important role was played by Samuel Henryk Merzbach’s editions as well as much more numerous initiatives undertaken after the fall of the rising of 1863. The most prolific publishers of Mickiewicz’s works were the publishing houses of Gebethner and Wolff, Stanisław Bukowiecki, Tadeusz H. Nasierowski and Michał Arct. Numerous occasional editions were also published. All 97 editions of Mickiewicz’s works in 138 volumes were published in the Kingdom of Poland in 1822–1914. The article compares the publishing offers from the Kingdom (i.e. Warsaw) and from other areas of former Poland, considering the quantity, temporal development, targeted readers and types of editions. It reconstructs the lists of texts which were published in the Kingdom of Poland in their full scope, in fragments and the texts banned from publication. Signifi cance of import of Mickiewicz’s works for local readers is also mentioned

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52, 2008

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