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Bohdana Korzeniewskiego przygoda bibliotekarska

  1. Hanna Łaskarzewska


Bohdan Korzeniewski's library adventure

Bohdan Korzeniewski (1905–1992), an outstanding expert in the field of the theatre, director, teacher and translator, was also involved with Polish librarianship. In 1932–1938 he worked in the National Library and contributed to its organisational concept and creation of the controversial theatrical department. After Korzeniewski took a leave in 1938, the department was headed by Jozef Kuroczycki. In 1941 Korzeniewski was employed in the University Library in Warsaw, participating in acquiring and protecting book collections from Warsaw, also after the Warsaw Rising, thus protecting the treasures of national literary heritage. In May 1945, before capitulation of Germany, Korzeniewski and Witold Jabłoński set out in search of book collections taken away from Warsaw in 1944. The events are described in the report on the trip to Gorbitsch in May and June 1945 submitted on 9th June. The article includes an annexe on two sources: so-far unpublished texts by Bohdan Korzeniewski’s Comments on the report on the work in the National Library in 1937 and the Report of the Delegates of the Ministry of Education on the Trip to Goerbitsch near Frankfurt on the Oder and the Repossession of Books from the Libraries in Warsaw from June 1945.

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52, 2008

Strony od 115 do 151

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