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Profesor Kazimiery Maleczyńskiej badania dziejów książki

  1. Barbara Bieńkowska


Professor Kazimiera Maleczyńska’s research into the history of the book

Kazimiera Maleczyńska conducted research into various areas of historical bibliology. She recognised the need for more general approaches, which, as she recommended, should be achieved by means of the “small steps” method: monographs concerning various issues (periods, areas, institutions and people). Her own research dealt mostly with old libraries, examined with regard to various aspects and temporal frameworks, in full social, political and cultural context. She devoted most of her attention to Renaissance municipal book collections in Poland and Silesia, as well as to the role of books in Poland during the partition period (1795–1914). Maleczyńska analysed the conditions in which book collections were compiled (publishers’ offer, ideological climate, owners’ interests and wealth), as well as their organisation and history. She focused in particular on the use of the collections and on readership (The reception of French books in Wrocław in the 16th century, 1968; Reading interests of Lower Silesian burghers during the Renaissance, 1982). Professor Maleczyńska was particularly interested in the book culture in Silesia.

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55, 2011

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