Wydział Oświatowo-Bibliotekarski Wyższej Szkoły Nauk Społecznych Towarzystwa Uniwersytetu Robotniczego w Krakowie 1946–1951

  1. Jerzy Krawczyk


The Education and Library Department of the Schol of Social Sciences of the Society of the Working Class University in Kraków 1946–1951

In 1946, the Towarzystwo Uniwersytetu Robotniczego (Society of the Working Class University) brought about the launch in Kraków of the Wyższa Szkoła Nauk Społecznych (School of Social Sciences), headed by Kazimierz Dobrowolski, a historian of culture and sociologist. It was a three-year evening college with three departments: society and self-government, journalism, and library and education. The last department, headed by the librarian of the Jagiellonian Library Adam Bar, held classes conducted by distinguished librarians and book experts, including Irena Barowa, Aleksander Birkenmajer, Jan Baumgart, Helena Lipska, Aleksander Słapa and Eugenia Malinowska. The special subjects in the curriculum (1949/50) were: in the second year — librarianship (120 hrs) and cataloguing (60 hrs), and in the third year — library pedagogy (30 hrs), readership (60 hrs), bibliography (30 hrs), subject catalogues (60 hrs), library legislation (20 hrs), library inspection (10 hrs), library administration and accounting (10 hrs), children’s, youth and workers’ libraries (30 hrs), manuscripts (10 hrs), old printed books (10 hrs), history of libraries (10 hrs), book production (20 hrs), and publishing and book trade (10hrs). Over the five-year-long existence of the School, a dozen or so students completed the library studies programme. The graduates who passed the diploma examination obtained — in addition to their School of Social Sciences diplomas — an undergraduate studies diploma issued by the Jagiellonian University.

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55, 2011

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