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Habilitacja Adama Łysakowskiego w świetle źródeł. Do druku przygotowała i komentarzem opatrzyła Małgorzata Korczyńska-Derkacz

  1. Małgorzata Korczyńska-Derkacz


Adam Łysakowski’s post-doctoral degree in the light of source documents. Prepared for print and commented by Małgorzata Korczyńska-Derkacz

Adam Łysakowski’s scholarly interest in book classification was boosted when he began to work at the Library of the Stefan Batory University in Vilna in 1925, where he was entrusted with organising the subject catalogue. His book Katalog przedmiotowy Cz. I. Teoria (Subject catalogue. P. I. Theory, Wilno 1928) is highly regarded by scholars from the past and those working today. In 1937 Łysakowski decided to present it as the basis of his post-doctoral degree in bibliology. However, due to the shortage of university chairs specialising in this field and the fact that the status of book studies had not been firmly established yet, the granting of the degree was postponed. In the end, the process was stopped by the outbreak of the war. After the war Łysakowski published part two of his work, entitled Katalog przedmiotowy. Podręcznik (Subject catalogue. A course book, Warszawa 1946), and submitted both books to the Board of the Faculty of the Humanities of the Łódź University as his post-doctoral bibliology thesis. The article examines the original documents dealing with his post-doctoral degree kept in the Łódź University Archives. These include reviews by Jan Muszkowski, Tadeusz Kotarbiński and Helena Radlińska, as well as minutes of (extracts from) meetings of the Board of the Faculty of the Humanities. The author also discusses the problems associated with the confirmation of the degree, which did not take place until 1951.

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55, 2011

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