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Historyczna typografia źródłem inspiracji współczesnych projektantów

  1. Andrzej Tomaszewski


Historical typography as a source of inspiration for designers today

Adaptations of lettering forms from the past as well as other elements of the printing tradition point to a certain characteristic tendency in modern typography as a branch of functional design. The creators of typefaces who create graphic works for the needs of computer fonts draw on old models. This is illustrated by parallel historical and modern examples of minuscule and majuscule alternative letters, ligatures, calligraphic decorations, Lombard initials and the modus modernus typographic layout. Drawing on the aesthetic experiences of the past is one of the methods to increase the attractiveness of modern typography. Supporting this tendency, designers of computer software – fonts and editing software – try to introduce mechanisms that enable the users to achieve of similar aesthetic results. This can be seen in the data structure in the OpenType fonts today and the so-called typesetter’s functions in modern editing software.

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53, 2009

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