Projekt ustawy o książce z 2015 roku

  1. Tomasz Dziurdzia




Fixed book prices are applied in some European countries. A fi xed book price is the price, set by the publisher, at which the book is to be sold. This solution is to limit price competition among the sellers in order to protect traditional bookshops and promote non-price competition on the book market. In Poland the book market is not regulated in such a way. In 2015 a fi xed book price bill, prepared by the Polish Chamber of Books, was submitted to the parliament. However, the bill was not adopted, because the parliament’s term ended. The author of the article examines the work of publishers and booksellers on the bill on the basis of the available reports by professionals and journalists, the contents of the bill as well as the course of the legislative process, drawing on records of meetings of parliamentary committees. In addition, the author presents opinions about the bill expressed from early 2013 until late 2015. The opinions come from interviews and articles written by journalists.


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Roczniki Biblioteczne

61, 2017

Pages from 241 to 266

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