Zawodowe kontakty lwowskiego antykwariusza Zygmunta Igla w świetle zachowanych źródeł archiwalnych

  1. Ewa Wójcik


Professional contacts of the Lviv antiquarian Zygmunt Igel in the light of surviving archive sources

Zygmunt Igel (1880–1944) was one of the most distinguished antiquarian booksellers in Lviv, who continued the tradition of a bookseller family going back to the 18th century. He began working alongside his father, Leib Igel, in the early 20th century. In the inter-war period he became independent and ran an antiquarian scholarly bookshop in Batory Street 34, well-known throughout Poland. Zygmunt Igel’s work and professional contacts are reflected in the so-called Igel Archives, preserved in the collection of the Vasyl Stefanyk Scientific Library of Ukraine in Lviv (formerly Library of the Ossoliński National Institute). The archives contain Igel’s family documents, correspondence and address book from 1920–1930. These documents have made it possible to establish Igel’s contacts and methods of working with clients who included Aleksander Brückner, Aleksander Birkenmajer, Franciszek Biesiadecki, Wacław Borowy, Edward Chwalewik, Stefan Demby, Stanisław Estreicher, Adam Krzyżanowski, Gabriel Korbut, Marian Łodyński, Jan Muszkowski, Ferdynand Ruszczyc, Aleksander Semkowicz and others.

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Roczniki Biblioteczne

54, 2010

Pages from 151 to 165

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