Nowo odkryta edycja dykcjonarza Franciszka Mymera z pierwszej połowy XVI wieku w zbiorach Biblioteki Narodowej

  1. Elżbieta Kędelska


Newly discovered edition of Franciszek Mymer’s dictionary from the first half of the 16th century in the National Library

In December 2007 the National Library bought a unique copy, discovered in Vienna, of the fourth edition of Franciszek Mymer’s Dictionarius trium linguarum, Latine, Teutonice et Polonice. This discovery was extremely valuable, because the edition had not been known before; it had not been recorded in any bibliography. The author of the present article obtained information about this antique book from a still unpublished article by Bożena Sajny to be published soon in “Rocznik Biblioteki Narodowej” [“National Library Annals”], article that contains, among others, a full list of all editions of Mymer’s dictionary from the 16th century. Today we know no fewer than eight editions of the dictionary; earlier scholars mentioned only three or four (from 1528, 1541, 1550 and 1592). From 1998 – thanks to the work of Henryk Bułhak – we have also known the so-called Kiev copy from 1530, edited probably by Jan Sandecki-Malecki. The latest list of editions includes editions from 1558 and 1570 as well as the copy from the National Library analysed in the present article (defective, without the date of printing). An analysis of the vocabulary and other elements suggests that this copy represents one of the earliest editions of the dictionary from the Szarfenberg printing house in Kraków. Some significant details make it different from the 1530 and 1541 editions, but it does resemble the so-called Uppsala copy regarded by most authors to be a copy from the first edition in 1528. The present author puts forward a hypothesis that the newly discovered copy from the fourth edition of Mymer’s dictionary was made shortly after the “Uppsala copy”. However, many problems related to this valuable book are still waiting to be solved.


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Roczniki Biblioteczne

53, 2009

Pages from 81 to 102

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